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1 - What type of accommodations are provided on tour?

We will definitely take care of you as our family and ensure you comfortable accommodations. We provide a minimum 3 Star and above hotel or stay to make you feel convenient.

2 - Are home stays included in the tour to get to know the local culture?

We can not guarantee you stay in home stays but sometimes it is possible for us to let you feel the local vibe through local home stays. To see things from a different angle.

3 - Can we get interconnection rooms if we are on a family or friends trip?

Case to case basis

4 - What facilities are available at hotels or stays?

Basic amenities which are available in the hotels or stays will be given to you.

5 - What type of food and beverages will be offered to us on tour?

We take care of food for you. We offer Veg / Non Veg food as per your choice. Let us know your preference so that we can set it according to that.

6 - Will Jain food be available in the hotel or stay?

If we receive such a request in advance, we will avail Jain Food for you to get you the best experience on the tour.

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1 - Does JNC take full payment for booking a tour or just the registration amount?

It totally depends on when guests are booking with us.

2 - What are the different payment options available for tour booking?

There are almost all options available for tour booking like Bank Transfers, Cheque, UPI, Credit / Debit Card, etc. pay for the best tour packages and enjoy the greatest days of your life.

3 - What services are included in my tour booking?

When you book a tour with Joy-N-Crew, we will provide you with the Hotel Stays, Sightseeing, Transfers, and Tours.

4 - What documents are needed to book a tour?

Carrying identity proof or necessary documents is mandatory nowadays and you should carry important documents. For International Tour you have to carry Passport & Pan Card and for Domestic Tour carry Aadhar Card & pan Card.

5 - Is the registration amount refunded?

No. The registration amount will never be refunded. Please check your requirements and then book a tour.

6 - Can I join the tour in between?

Yes. You can join our tour in between. It will be more enjoyable for you to join the tour from the first day. But in any case, if you want to join in between, then you have to pay according to that.

7 - What is the procedure to cancel my tour/booking? Will JNC provide a refund for cancellation?

In case you need to cancel the tour, you will need to inform us in writing. The cancellation charges are follows:

  • More than 45 days prior to the tour departure date – Booking Amount.
  • 44 – 31 days prior to the tour departure date – 50% of the total cost.
  • 30 – 16 days prior to the tour departure date – 75% of the total cost.
  • 15 – 0 days prior to the tour departure date – 100% cancellation will apply.
  • Visa Fee , Insurance taxes & Service charges are non-refundable.

No refund either in part or in full will be made for any unused part of the services provided in the package.

8 - Can we book flights on our own?

Yes. You can book flights on your own but let us know first when you are booking a tour from JNC. So that we can take it into consideration.

9 - Does Joy-N-Crew charge extra fees to create customized holiday tours?

Yes. We charge extra fees for booking a customized holiday tour. A customized holiday tour lets you travel at your own pace. We create a customized package which includes your dream destination or the places you want to visit at that particular time.

10 - Can you provide us with after booking documents that are required on tour?

Yes, definitely we will provide you with the important and necessary booking documents when you book a tour with us.

11 - Are entry fees to visit a particular place or sightseeing included at the time of booking a tour?

Booking with JNC, you will get many benefits but this depends on which tour you are taking. At some point if the authority of that particular place demands extra fees or anything gets changed at that particular time then we will notify you about that thing.

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1 - What type of tour packages Joy-N-Crew offers?

Joy-N-Crew offers Domestic & International tour packages to let you roam the world in different destinations through group tours, individual tours, business tours, romantic getaways, adventure tours, vacation tours, etc.

2 - Does Joy-N-Crew provide assistance for Visa?

Yes. We will assist you with your Visa. The Visa process and documentation for the same depends on the country/s you are visiting and the respective consulate. Once you book the tour, Joy And Crew World's visa executive will share the list of documents required for the Visa. You have to submit all correct documents as per the schedule given by the visa executive. Once received, your visa application process will be initiated. At each step of the visa process, Joy-N-Crew will communicate with you through SMS and email.

3 - Can I leave a tour midway?

Yes, you can. However it totally depends on the tour you are confirming. It is advantageous to enjoy a full tour but you can also leave a tour midway. It will work according to your requirement.

4 - Can the itinerary be changed while on tour?

Yes, it can be as per the on-ground situation. Sometimes, unavoidable situations occur due to several reasons such as place, climate, availability, transport, hotel, sightseeing, etc. in such circumstances we may have to change the itinerary on or before the tour.

5 - Does Joy-N-Crew organize tours for corporate or institutes?

Yes. Joy-N-Crew organizes corporate & institute tours. Let us know in advance about your date and number of people joining the tour. We will ensure to provide the best services and tour package that will make your journey a lifelong memory.

6 - How many days in advance should I book?

Booking your trip according to your convenience will give you time to receive the necessary visas. But the earlier you reserve, the better. To allow enough time for Visa processing, reservations should be made at least two months before the intended travel date.

For USA/ Canada/ Europe/ Japan / Australia & New Zealand - Minimum 6 months prior departure so as to get enough time for visas & economical visas.

Far East - 3 months in advance

Islands - 3 months in advance so as to get economical airfare and preferred availability of Resorts

Domestic - 3 months in advance to get economical airfare.

7 - Can we get a customized tour package?

Yes. You can get a customized tour package. The benefit of choosing things in your own way can give you time to travel at your own pace. Explore your dream destination with the customized tour package.

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1 - Will doctors be available on tour?

Doctors will not be available on tour but they will be with us virtually. If you will face any emergency on tour or need medical help, our doctor virtually checks you up.

2 - Do I need to take COVID-19 vaccination certificate with me?

Yes. As the world has faced so much in the last two years because of COVID and for your and other travelers' safety, we prefer you take COVID-19 vaccination certificate with you.

3 - Are there any Corona Protocols to follow?

Yes. As per the country or state's guidelines related to COVID, you need to take care of such things. Take masks, hand sanitizers, and necessary things that you think you need to carry while traveling.

4 - Is there any specific vaccination certificate to be carried when traveling to any particular country?

Yes. Every country has their rules or guidelines to follow and according to that we will notify you about such cases where you need a specific vaccination certificate that you should carry with you.

5 - Is wheelchair assistance there or not?

With prior request, we will provide you wheelchair assistance. Let us know about this when you book a tour with us so that we can arrange accordingly.

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1 - Do I need travel insurance to travel with Joy-N-Crew?

Yes. We recommend you to take travel insurance with you for domestic as well as international tours.

2 - Can I extend my stay on tour?

Yes, you can extend your stay after completion of a tour.

3 - How will I get to know about my tour day program?

To know about your tour day program, we will provide you with a tour confirmation voucher that will help you check out your whole day activities.

4 - What type of vehicle will be provided by you on tour to visit different sights?

It will be dependent on which tour you choose. In a group departure there will be a comfortable coach and in a customized tour, there may be a comfortable Sedan, hatchback, SUV.

6 - Is there any particular time to check-in and check-out from the hotel?

Yes, it will totally depend on the hotel's time and procedure for check-in and check-out that you need to follow.

7 - Will I have a tour guide with me all the time?

No, a tour guide will not be able to be with you all the time. They will be with you during sightseeing and transfers on a group tour only.

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